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Scene 6: learning about semantic fields

Learning Objectives: to learn about the terminology connected with semantic fields; to develop your speaking and listening skills; your ability to ask high order questions; to develop your reading skills.

Terminology to learn and apply:

Semantic field; this is words which are linked in meaning.

Low-frequency lexis: unusual or rarely spoken/written words

High-frequency lexis: common words

This scene focuses upon Mitch and Blanche’s unfolding relationship. Key discussion point: How does Williams represent Blanche and Mitch in this scene?

TASK: Read in your group the scene and look for words which have the common semantic field of:






Or any other semantic field that you can find.

DISCUSS in your group: WHAT are the words and phrases that employ the semantic field of love/loss/trauma/family? WHO employs these semantic fields and why? WHERE and WHEN does this happen? Write out the phrases that are linked by these semantic fields and explain their effects to your group. Then write down your thoughts.

WHAT are the EFFECTS of these semantic fields, of these words that linked by meaning and theme?

Scene 5: Developing a Creative Response; an examination of Blanche’s sexuality

Starter: please take the Spark Notes quiz on Streetcar and report your mark to Mr Gilbert

Learning Objectives: develop your analytical skills; develop your knowledge and usage of key terminology; develop your creative skills.


What are some key nouns/verbs/adjectives/adverbs that Blanche uses? How does she make language “sexy”? How does she sexualise the world? What does she do to certain words or lexis that is interesting?

PERSON 1: Nouns

PERSON 2: Verbs

PERSON 3: Adjectives

PERSON 4: Adverbs


Write a paragraph which answers this question: How does Williams use language and dramatic techniques to reveal Blanche’s complex state of mind?

CREATIVE RESPONSE: Imagine you are the negro messenger, write his diary entry about what happened to him with Blanche.