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What do you think of Jessica Lange and Alec Baldwin’s interpretations of Blanche and Stanley?

Jessica Lange and Alec Baldwin interpret Blanche and Stanley in a very different way from Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando in the original film. How and why are their interpretations different? How are the other characters different in this version?

A useful revision PowerPoint on A Streetcar Named Desire…

A Student Study Guide To A Streetcar Named Desire

Mock exam questions on A Streetcar Named Desire — AS English Literature/Language

Analytic response

Look again at Scene 11, how does Williams present Blanche and Stanley in this scene?

Look again at Scene 3, how does Williams present Stella in this scene?

Look again at Scene 9, how does Williams present the relationships between Mitch and Blanche in this scene?

Creative Response

Look again at Scene 11, imagine you are the doctor in this scene, write his report on Blanche.
Look again at Scene 3, imagine you are Blanche, write her diary about the events in this scene.

Look again at Scene 9, imagine you are Mitch, write his diary about his thoughts about Blanche.