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A Student Study Guide To A Streetcar Named Desire

Scene 5: Developing a Creative Response; an examination of Blanche’s sexuality

Starter: please take the Spark Notes quiz on Streetcar and report your mark to Mr Gilbert

Learning Objectives: develop your analytical skills; develop your knowledge and usage of key terminology; develop your creative skills.


What are some key nouns/verbs/adjectives/adverbs that Blanche uses? How does she make language “sexy”? How does she sexualise the world? What does she do to certain words or lexis that is interesting?

PERSON 1: Nouns

PERSON 2: Verbs

PERSON 3: Adjectives

PERSON 4: Adverbs


Write a paragraph which answers this question: How does Williams use language and dramatic techniques to reveal Blanche’s complex state of mind?

CREATIVE RESPONSE: Imagine you are the negro messenger, write his diary entry about what happened to him with Blanche.